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Friends & Supporters

Shortbread House of Edinburgh

Hospedia - Sponsor

Lothian Buses - Sponsor

mac-signs - Sponsor

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raising funds

Look for the yellow bin in the RVS canteen area

CDs, computer games and dvds can be turned into funds, so long as they have a bar code

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Friends and Supporters

How Is EHBS Financed?

The organisation's operating revenue is raised either by the members of EHBS at fundraising events, or is donated by local firms, organisations and individuals. Operational costs right across EHBS are kept to a minimum.

Today we are helped by the following folks:


Shortbread House of Edinburgh Click here       Hospedia Click here

MacSigns Click here       Lotian Buses Click here       .

There are a variety of ways to support the work of EHBS:

  • One-off donations of cash
  • Annual donations
  • Sponsorship
  • Payments made under the Gift Aid Scheme either by an individual or a company
  • A donation of goods or services


For further information, contact the Public Relations Officer (E-mail: publicrelationsofficer)

To make donations, contact the Treasurer (E-mail: treasurer)

Or your donation or query to:

Edinburgh Hospital Broadcasting Service
Western General Hospital
Crewe Road South

Tel: +44 (0) 131 537 5353


Border Bicuits

Shortbread House of Edinburgh - main sponsors of the request shows.

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